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For more than 20 years, JETTE has been combining modern and sophisticated design with high quality and functionality. The unmistakable industrial design style of designer Jette Joop runs through all JETTE designs. Innovation and creativity have top priority in design and product development. Since the company was founded in 1997, JETTE has embodied the values of strong, self-determined and independent women.



“Exceptional design takes needs into account and sets new aesthetic standards. To do this, you often have to tread paths on which no one has yet left their mark. paths with crossings. Where you meet partners who place similarly high demands on design and quality. For me, this is how crossover in design comes about – the exchange, the mixture of the most diverse design expertise. Architecture becomes fashion, automotive design becomes jewellery. And why shouldn't architecture be created from a piece of jewellery? Modern networked thinking that not only leads to lively design, but also to lively partnerships.“ 




Since day one, the designer Jette Joop has set herself the goal of making “luxury design” accessible to a broad target group. The following motto of the designer has applied to the company for more than 20 years: “My creations should be fun for people, brighten up their everyday life and still remain affordable. No more and no less.“ 




JETTE is constantly making product development more sustainable. JETTE is currently making a variety of contributions to more responsible action with the environment and its resources. When manufacturing JETTE products, we pay particular attention to the environmentally friendly procurement of raw materials, as well as to their responsible and sustainable processing.  


JETTE actively contributes to climate and environmental protection. The idea of sustainability flows into every action in the company. Product development always takes recycling possibilities into account. By developing sustainable packaging products, JETTE sets an example for the climate and the environment.  



JETTE jewelry 

All JETTE metals are procured sustainably and responsibly. The silver comes exclusively from certified sources and consists mainly of recycled materials. The pieces of jewelery undergo constant material analysis, which guarantees the highest standards of purity.  


JETTE watches 

JETTE attaches particular importance to the conscious recycling of precious metals and plastics. The watches consist of at least 50 percent recycled stainless steel and large parts of the plastics used come from PET recycling.  


JETTE fashion & textile goods 

With JETTE fashion and textiles, too, the top priority is to guarantee high-quality materials for maximum durability. Many of the items bear the “Made in Green“ label from OEKO-TEX, which confirms comprehensive social, environmental and chemical management in the production facility. Many other JETTE product lines have been awarded the “Grüner Knopf” and “Blauer Engel” seals.  


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