JETTE - the eau de parfum.

A must for sensual women who seduce, love and want to underline their personality.

A first-class, exclusive and feminine fragrance that beguiles and seduces. Flowery, exotic, mysterious. Jette underlines the magic of love with its light, seductive composition.


New femininity. New inspiration. New design.

Designer Jette Joop presents exclusively: JETTE SIGNATURE - the new Eau de Parfum. Modern femininity in its numerous, fascinating facets. Self-confidence and strength paired with sensuality, elegance and style. Designer Jette Joop herself is the perfect embodiment of modern femininity. Your new JETTE SIGNATURE fragrance is the essence of this modern lifestyle: full of power, feminine and stylish at the same time.  


JETTE SIGNATURE - an elegant, sensual and feminine fragrance that beguiles and seduces. Flowery, fruity, mysterious. JETTE SIGNATURE underlines the modern femininity of women with its light, seductive composition.


A bright blue has always been one of my signature colors and has become a kind of trademark in my designs. It has a fascinating depth, a luxurious, sensual look and feel and invites you to dream. A sensual, feminine fragrance in a mystical, deep blue bottle.


A seductive statement for modern and self-confident women who live their dreams.


The fragrance - a dream highlight. Flowery, fruity, mysterious - the composition of rose and berries combines fascinating freshness and elegance. A touch of sensual, warm vanilla and musk in the base note round off the fragrance perfectly.


The magnificent beauty of peonies, captured in a seductively feminine fragrance!

The first composition of the new 7FLOWERS collection carries the message of noble elegance in its heart.


JETTE 7FLOWERS Penny blossoms with the refreshing power of mandarin and pink pepper. The flowery heart unfolds with intense peony, delicate jasmine and a hint of violet. The surprising symphony of elegant vetiver, warm patchouli and soft vanilla forms the sensual final chord.