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„My creations should be fun for people, beautify their everyday life and still remain affordable. No more and no less.“
- Jette Joop - 


JETTE combines sophisticated modern design with high value and functionality. The brand‘s aim is to make “luxury design“ accessible to a broad target group.

JETTE is young, modern, creative and trend-oriented.


JETTE is diverse and always open to new influences.

“Extraordinary design considers to needs and sets new aesthetic standards. To achieve this goal, you often have to tread paths where no one has left a mark before. Paths with crossroads. Paths, where you meet partners who have similarly high standards on design and quality. For me, that‘s the way how crossover in design is built up - through the exchange and through the mixture of the most diverse design expertise. Architecture becomes fashion and automotive design becomes jewelry. And why shouldn‘t a piece of jewelry become architecture again? Modern networked thinking that leads not only to nourishing design, but also to nourishing partnerships.“

Jette Joop

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